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Traditionally made with pasta sheets or premade uncooked shells filled with meat or cheese  then sauced and gratineed, but you can use egg roll wrappers, lasagna noodles or even crepes in an pinch. The stuffing can be just about any meat, fowl, fish, vegetable or cheese that is then placed in a shallow baking dish covered with red sauce, topped with béchamel (white) sauce and parmesan cheese then baked until browned.  Leftover roast is perfect for this application but this recipe will use ground beef, but think turkey or chicken too, because of its ubiquitous availability.  Contrary to popular opinion you stuff  uncooked manicotti shells without cooking them first if you just following this procedure. If using dry cannelloni or manicotti shells stuff then with the ricotta, place them in their cooking vessels and sauce as directed but add enough stock or water to the dish to almost fill it to the rim. Then seal the dish with a layer of plastic wrap and then aluminum foil. Bake the dish until the pasta is soft and then finish uncovered in the over or under the broiler.

1 recipe bolognese filling

1 recipe ricotta filling

8 portions fresh pasta wrapper, egg roll skins, or dry pasta shells

8 ounces Béchamel /white sauce

8 ounces mozzarella or pizza cheese

4 ounces parmesan or Romano cheese, grated


  1. Spread 8 precooked pasta sheets, crepes, or hard tubes on a work space.  Spread with ricotta filling
  2. Spread some red sauce on the bottom of a gratin dish or oven pan and place the cannelloni in pairs with space between them so they don’t become one mass
  3. Mask the tubes with a liberal amount of meat sauce and then a smaller line of white sauce
  4. Liberally spread the cheeses on the white sauce then bake for about 50 minutes uncovered if using precooked pasta or wrappers or covered with both plastic wrap and aluminum foil if you’re using uncooked shell. If uncooked add about 4 to 6 ounces water or stock to steam the pasta as it bakes.
  5. Alternatively bake covered and then place under the broiler till browned if using raw pasta shells.