Historically a twenty-four, seven, three sixty five staple for many Italians. A substantial soup, made with meat broth if you could afford it, with lots of wild greens and mixed vegetables, pasta or rice.  You serve this up with some fire roasted crusty bread dipped into good olive oil.  No real formative recipe just a broad general guideline to which you can add meat, fish, poultry, Mortadella, salami or just about anything else …

Here’s a simple tutorial video in Italian … it’s really easy to understand and as always throw in what ever’s close at hand

4 Ounces olive oil

4 Ounces garlic minced

4 Ounces each onion, carrot, celery and fennel, minced

To taste one or more chopped Italian herbs

3 Quarts rich stock or vegetable broth

1 Cup pasta or arborio rice

1 or 2 Cans plum tomatoes, peeled

To taste fresh or canned zucchini, spinach, kale greens, cabbage etc.

1 Cup cooked garbanzo, kidney, red or white beans

Two Tablespoons of minced pepperoncini or chipotle

A Sprinkling of mixed herbs including Italian parsley

Copious quantities of shredded Parmesan, Romano or Grana


  1. Sweat the first four ingredients until opaque
  2. Add the stock, broth or water and base, boil
  3. Add starch and vegetables cook till tender
  4. Place an bowl add herbs and cheese

If you make a large quantity of soup you may want to cook the pasta separately and add it at service otherwise it  gets mushy.  This was an early Italian immigrant staple always simmering on the stove, much like a French Pot Au Feu, and available for any family member to ladle up a bowl full.  Also you’ll  want to buy two grades of olive oil one for cooking  and the other the  best you can afford as a condiment.