A Hollandaise like dessert


 Here’s a short tutorial … lots of variations and it can be served warm, cold  or finished under a salamander or with a torch

A classic frothy whipped egg dessert that is usually served warmed but, if you fold in a little whipped cream, it can be served cold.  It can also poured over fruit and glazed under the broiler, unsweetened it is base for Hollandaise and by adding savory ingredients instead of sweet it makes an impressive sauce for protein. You can make it ahead in its warm state and then hold in a water bath until you’re ready to serve.

6 each egg yolks, room temperature

2 ounces Marsala, or sweet vermouth, or port – fruity white wine

2 ounces sugar

1.   Place all three ingredients in a non reactive bowl and whip until well aerated

2.   Place the bowl over simmering water in an appropriate sized stockpot and whip continuously until the volume           has tripled and the foam has thickened to the consistency of whipped cream

3.   Alternatively for those who have the skills you can whip the construction directly over an open flame

4.   When completed spoon the spuma into wine glasses over berries or without and serve immediately or place in         a Bain Marie (water bath) to hold

5.   You can also use this as a topping for fruit or pastry then glace under broiler

6.  You can also combine the construct with whipped cream and chill.  This construct can also be made savory     foregoing the sugar and sweet wines and substituting any number of aromatic items